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LOWEST PRICE TIRES GUARANTEED: Shopping for the best value in Miami on a set of new tires for your Honda? You've found it. We offer a full line of name brand tires on sale now. Guaranteed lowest total price of parts and labor on 4 identical tires. Offer must be verified at local tire installer.

Fast, friendly oil change service for your Honda

The most important scheduled maintenance you can do on your vehicle is regular oil changes. Engines work best with a clean, full volume of oil - it is the lubrication for all of its inner workings and keeps the components under your hood from rubbing against each other and creating dangerous heat and friction. When the oil gets dirty, or depletes, this protective lubrication begins to fail, causing unneeded stress on the engine and its components, which, in extreme cases, can cause catastrophic engine failure. Cars NEED regular oil changes to prevent this.

When it is time for an important oil change, most shoppers seek out the chain stores like Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, Midas and Meineke. Unfortunately, none really know your car as well as a dedicated brand dealer and often fail to follow the specific important oil change standards set by the factory for your model.

Did you know our dealerships can provide the same fast oil change at a comparable price? Not only that, but when you have your oil changed with us, you get the confidence it is done to the factory oil change specifications established for your brand and model.

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Trust in Honda Original Equipment Brake Service

Your Honda's brake system is a complex system which serves a tremendous role in keeping you safe. Keeping it in top shape is critical. In general, you should have your brakes inspected every 10,000 miles and serviced as needed.

Take care of your brakes, come in today. • Replace front brake pads with Honda Genuine Parts • Inspect front/rear discs and calipers (or rear drums and wheel cylinders)* • Inspect brake lines, hoses and master cylinder* • Check brake fluid

If you continue to drive with the brake warning light on, or with strange noises and a reduction in stopping performance, you may wear your pads down to the point of metal-on-metal contact. Using the vehicle in this condition will not just give you inadequate braking, but will also wear grooves in your brake discs. Once the discs are grooved, they are damaged, and there is almost no way to repair them. Replacement is costly - the safest and most economical thing to do is to replace your pads at the first sign of an issue.

Our service department uses state-of-the-art tools and factory-approved procedures to ensure the work on your vehicle is done with factory precision. Best of all, our staff is specifically trained to service your vehicle's braking system in the most timely, economical and exacting way your brand requires, so you can be confident you are getting the best price and care your vehicle deserves.

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Check your Honda wheel alignment regularly

Keep your wheels aligned - stay safe and save money! A misaligned vehicle will pull to the side and prematurely wear down tire treads, creating an unsafe driving condition. That's why a proper alignment has your safety in mind first and foremost.

However, keeping your wheels perpendicular to each other has benefits beyond keeping you traveling safely - it will also save you money. Getting regular wheel alignments will minimize tire wear, enhance your handling and increase your fuel efficiency. So stay safe and save!

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