Oil and Filter Change

Oil and Filter Change

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The most important scheduled maintenance you can do on your vehicle is regular oil changes. Engines work best with a clean, full volume of oil - it is the lubrication for all of its inner workings and keeps the components under your hood from rubbing against each other and creating dangerous heat and friction. When the oil gets dirty, or depletes, this protective lubrication begins to fail, causing unneeded stress on the engine and its components, which, in extreme cases, can cause catastrophic engine failure. Cars NEED regular oil changes to prevent this.

When it is time for an import oil change, most shoppers seek out the chain stores like Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, Midas and Meineke. Unfortunately, none really know your car as well as a dedicated brand dealer and often fail to follow the specific import oil change standards set by the factory for your model.

Did you know our dealerships can provide the same fast oil change at a comparable price? Not only that, but when you have your oil changed with us, you get the confidence it is done to the factory oil change specifications established for your brand and model.

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